Atmospheric Studies is a project focused on organizing artistic installations that engage experimental uses of lights and sound. Each event utilizes different light sources driven by sounds that are slowly crafted and built upon, with the goal of immersing visitors into a unique atmospheric world. This is the second event of a series.

For Atmospheric Studies II: Singularity, a circular arrangement of lights referred to as 'the singularity' will sit in the center of the room with 8 external moving head lights interacting with it. The 1 hour show will attempt to visually experiment with the idea of creating fusion, and eventually, a black hole. The show will be 1 hour long, with 3 chances to see it per date.

The event will take place at 2 locations: Jan 17-18 will be held at New Vision United Church, while the Jan 19-21 dates will be held at the Main Event Space of the Cotton Factory in Hamilton, Ontario. Doors will open at 5 pm, with the first round of the show happening between 6-7pm, the second round between 8-9pm, and the third between 10-11pm. Event will be over at 12am. This will be the same schedule for each night.

Guests can feel free to walk around the installation as they please.

Please arrive no earlier then 30 minutes before your show time.

Tickets are $10 + fees on eventbrite. Tickets will be available at the door at a TBA price.

The event is organized and designed by Matt Cummer, Nick Grimshaw and Bea Macapagal and their respective companies, Black Lake, Walker/Grimshaw and Camp 905 Productions.